Since 1990, LEEDS and LEEDS  has performed nationwide search and recruitment in its area of expertise - Insurance :

We recruit for these types of organizations:                            

Life Insurers - Health Insurers - Managed Care Organizations - Workers Comp Insurers - BPO's and TPA's

We concentrate our skills and efforts in what we know and do the best :

Understanding...the assignment and requirements of the position

Locating...and contacting potential candidates

Generating...interest and qualifying the candidate

Presenting...the qualified candidate to our client in a professional and effective manner

Arranging...contact and interviews

Coordinating... offers and assisting with negotiations.

We pride ourselves in our professional and knowledgeable approach to each and every assignment.  All contact with candidates or sources is handled in a private, confidential, and discreet manner, keeping in mind that we will act in the best interests of all concerned parties.

Our efforts are conducted in accordance with all Federal and State regulations concerning Equal Employment Opportunity.